Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Is everything synthetic rebranded as 'cutting edge' 'collaborative innovation' these days, or have we already transcended reality?

It's beyond incredible.

It's transsplendent!

Friday, February 19, 2016

On the Street

Who to call for a mental health crisis on the street:

  • Mobil Crisis Team 415-970-4000
  • Compassionate Response Network 311

Monday, February 15, 2016


In Pathways to Spectacle: Consumerism as “Activism”, I noted that the cult of consumerism — through which international NGOs like 350, Avaaz and Purpose adherents identify with their brand — is similar to religion, in that becoming a follower is an act of faith. By unquestioningly accepting NGO propaganda as truth, these followers form beliefs that comprise the doctrine supporting this ideology of false hope.

Social engineering in the digital age is amazingly simple for those who have the money and the media at their disposal. Wall Street’s Mad Men can easily herd millions of progressives via social media to support catastrophic environmental policy, war, and crimes against humanity. Sold as conservation, “humanitarian intervention”, or development, globalization can then be marketed as a progressive choice, albeit leading to totalitarian corporate control of all life.

The driving force behind privatization through social engineering is the non-profit industrial complex, funded by Wall Street derivatives, and disbursed through tax-exempt foundation grants. Hundreds of millions have been invested by these foundations in the last decade to convince progressives that war is peace, conformity is unity, and capitulation is resistance.

YouTopia: A Documentary About Social Engineering in the Digital Age — a SIRIUS VIDEO project of the Situationist Art Collective* — needs public support to begin production. If you would like to be a part of providing seed money to take this vital message from the storyboard to the screen, please contact us.

*(affiliated with Public Good Project)

Friday, February 12, 2016

San Francisco Trophies

While Public Good Project (PGP) is well-known for its work in the Seattle region, some of PGPs finest hours have been in San Francisco. At one point, PGP had twice as many operatives in San Francisco as it ever did in Seattle. Listed below are some of our high-profile Bay Area targets and their offenses, and in case you’re wondering, they lost—we won.


Peter Gabel, New College trustee (money-laundering and fraud)
Leona Helmsley, real estate magnate (repealing rent control)
Keith Jackson, political consultant (racketeering and corruption)
Craig Newmark, Craigslist (sex-trafficking)
Margo St. James, brothel owner (legalizing prostitution)

Monday, February 08, 2016

Hedge School Teaching

One of the bloggers who promoted my writing ten years ago said my blog was like a hedge school--the illegal, clandestine gatherings of Irish students and teachers behind hedges along the back roads of British-occupied Ireland.

He eventually succumbed to the demands of paying child support, and took a job with a Soros-funded organization. One of several of my students to fall by the wayside, despite their superb talents and skills and good hearts.

Harry Britt, Harvey Milk's special advisor, and my friend, once told me that as a teacher, you start from where each student is, and take them as far as they can go. As a prospective faculty member at New College in 2003 -- Harry called me their "new star" -- I took that to heart.

Only now, looking back, do I realize that even though some drop by the wayside on their personal journeys, for a moment in time, they rose to the occasion, doing what had to be done, and in whatever situation they find themselves later, they will always remember that.

The lessons they learned in hedge school, in all likelihood, made them better citizens, and even if they don't become revolutionaries, they will probably contribute to their communities in ways that help make a better world.

And that, in the end, is about all we, as teachers, can expect.