Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Junior Prostitute Clubs

Propaganda by sex traffickers and brothel owners consistently downplays the solid data of prostitution abolitionists that shows 80% of prostitutes are forced into sex slavery by transnational organized crime, and that legalization encourages trafficking and slavery. Pornography helps to create demand by feeding into a system where sex is a commodity supplied by the underworld.

Some abolitionists are motivated by religious moral values, and others by human rights values, but they are both right. Progressive apologists for organized criminal exploitation of impoverished women and children are delusional.

When I confronted these idiots trying to legalize prostitution in San Francisco, I used public records to show them the ballot measure they supported was submitted by a front group for brothel owners, some of whom had been prosecuted for selling illegal immigrant 14-year-old girls. Challenging their absurd view of prostitution as a career, I facetiously suggested they could organize junior prostitute clubs in the public schools, where girls could learn about opportunities to sell their bodies and dignity.

The Mayor of San Francisco and the SF District Attorney led a police raid on a brothel prior to the election, generating headlines about trafficked minors, and focusing public discussion about this menace as a human rights law enforcement challenge.

The Peace and Freedom Party of California revoked my editorial privileges on its public forum page for supporting the abolitionist position.


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