Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time for American Regime Change

The American regime of two corrupt political parties that favor Wall Street over Main Street is the message young people need to carry with them into the California and Oregon primaries, as well as to the streets outside the DNC in July. As noted at Shadow Proof, this is a movement, not a cult.

Young people, fed up with the oligarchy that Clinton and Trump represent, voted overwhelmingly for Sanders in the primaries he lost, and they are by no means Democratic Party loyalists. And why should they be? They have been betrayed in every way possible by Obama and Clinton for eight straight years, and their future is bleak with either Clinton or Trump in the White House.

Whatever happens at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, or in the general election, the movement Sanders' campaign catalyzed is the only hope for democratic renewal in the US, and the only hope for humanity, that is suffering from relentless American aggression. A little creative anarchy and social organizing against what Clinton and Trump stand for couldn't hurt a bit.


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