Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Grim Reality

In How Prostitution Works, we learn about the grim reality of organized crime and public indifference to the brutality forced on women and children in American cities--including San Francisco. A grim reality largely ignored by the US Department of Justice.

While there appears to be support from the US State Department to stop the trafficking in humans for prostitution, we never hear of US Attorneys initiating a task force on organized crime to deal with this most abominable crime against humanity. Why is that? Is it the ingrained racism of the institution that allows DOJ to be insensitive to Asian and indigenous girls transported to American brothels and massage parlors to be serially raped for profit?

Whatever the answers to these pressing questions, there is nothing stopping local communities, mayors, and district attorneys from investigating organized crime in their cities. Nothing other than a lack of courage and will to do the right thing. Does San Francisco have what it takes?


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